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The new screw by Savio.
Supports 1,230 times its weight: 230kg.

FIXIA - La nuova vite Savio. Regge 1.230 volte il suo peso: 230kg

Record performances

  • Capacity: 230 kg in accordance with standard EN 1191:2002
  • Combinable with the current standard versions of MECHANICA hinges
  • Usable on monolithic and step hinges
  • Sizably reduces drilling errors
  • No special assembly tools required
FIXIA - Caratteristiche da record

Standard EN 1191-2002

The test performed in actual conditions of use at the IFT of Rosenheim has passed 200,000 cycles with a door weighing 230 Kg, having two double-leaf MECHANICA hinges (1146/62.5) fastened with the FIXIA system.


Record fixing solidity

The special shape with tapered tip by FIXIA provides a very solid profile-mount, as it increases setting thickness of the thread.

In fact, when fitted, the screw gradually widens the hole and doubles profile thickness near the thread.

This action, known as the heading effect, allows for a solid and durable fix.

FIXIA - Record di solidità del fissaggio


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