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New panic bar by Savio. Security to 360°.

JUVARRA - Il nuovo Maniglione Antipanico by Savio
JUVARRA - portata certificata

weight capacity

Savio JUVARRA has been tested up to 2,000,000 cycles, on 300-kg doors in accordance with standard EN 1125:2008.

JUVARRA - record di resistenza


For JUVARRA, Savio created components specifically designed to cut down on wear and reduce friction, in both the materials and in the shapes.

JUVARRA - sicurezza antieffrazione


The shape of the latch, which offers greater resistance against burglary attempts.


Attractive look and discretion

The new JUVARRA panic bar features a streamlined and compact design that makes it attractive and discreet at the same time.

JUVARRA estetica

Double leaf

Flat latch: the only solution that completely eliminates any jamming during the opening phase when using two leaves.

Moreover, the manoeuvring strain is extremely reduced thanks to the insert in self-lubricating nylon.

JUVARRA doppia anta

Restoring the cylinder has never been so simple

Thanks to JUVARRA, you can replace the cylinder without having to disassemble the internal part of the panic bar. An innovation that is very useful in case of solutions with master key or other special organization chart solution.

Its convenience is even clearer in case of large worksites, when the cylinder supplied as standard equipment is replaced with the permanent cylinder once the work is delivered: this operation is so simple that even the client can do it. JUVARRA, the problem-free panic bar.

JUVARRA sostituire il cilindro


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