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lasts even longer: 34 years of continuous use and it is still smooth as the first time.

Nuova cremonese MANON - Leggera, instancabile, sempre più Savio

Technical features

Box and grip in aluminium:
Lighter, yet sturdier
The new mechanical design reduces the weight and improves solidity over time, for reliability at the utmost levels.

Very fluid operation
Bottom plate made of plastic which, combined with the sliding plate, significantly reduces friction during the operating phase and guarantees exceptionally smooth manoeuvring.

Accurate release system
Release system that is accurate and long-lasting in the various positions (0°, 90°, 180°).

Nuova cremonese MANON: Più leggera, ancora più robusta

The value of BioCote hygiene

New Manon is also available with the BioCote anti-bacterial treatment, which eliminates 99% of microbes potentially harmful to human health.

Find out more about BioCote® technology >

Nuova cremonese MANON: sicurezza antibatterica BioCote

Guaranteed durability

New Manon will be like new for next 34 years (with an average of 2 openings per day); tested in accordance with strict standard EN 13126-3, Manon exceeded the maximum number of required cycles.

Nuova cremonese MANON: Durabilità garantita

Functionality and style

The Pininfarina design with the typical grip with thumb indentation that has made Manon a huge success, combined with a lowered box, allow easier gripping and an increasingly refined look.

Nuova cremonese MANON: Funzionalità e stile

New model with key

Use of a sturdier and more secure cylinder and improved appearance of the grip.

Nuova cremonese MANON: Nuovo modello con chiave


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