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QM mark for MECHANICA, the record-breaking hinge


QM MECHANICAThey passed a test of 200,000 continuous opening and closing cycles without displaying any signs of stress. That’s as if you did nothing else but open and close the door every single minute, day and night, for five months in a row... Quite a stress test for the MECHANICA hinges – one of Savio’s most famous lines – which obtained the QM mark for this exploit, certified by one of the most prestigious bodies in Europe, IFT Rosenheim.

MECHANICA was the first hinge for aluminium doors in Europe to obtain the CE mark, setting the load capacity parameters of the hinge. The addition of the QM mark reinforces the European conformity mark and makes it even more transparent, ensuring that the declared technical specifications are maintained and supplementing these with other voluntary attributes that give the product precious added value, particularly when used to replace already installed products.

Indeed, the EN14351-1 standard sets out the possibility of replacing hardware for doors and windows used in the Initial Test Type (ITT) tests – which assess energy and safety performance of doors and windows –without being required to repeat the tests, as long as the new hardware guarantees at least the same performance. In these cases, the QM mark is further proof of the product quality and has the decisive parameter value since this certification attests to the real load bearing capacity of the product when used, and not just when bench tested.

Thanks to its innovative project, covered by some five different patents, the MECHANICA line of hinges combines record-breaking robustness – it resisted a thrust of up to 1000 kg, achieving EB3 – and an extremely high level of security, the result of a long research and development process. Not to mention the SKG mark certifying Class 3 burglary resistance on standard profiles.